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Dec 5, 2020
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1.) Create a YouTube channel

2.) Go to YouTube and look for gameplay videos. Download 1-2 videos that are 3+ hours long and have less than 1000 views (essentially no one will copyright these because they aren't getting any views or making any money).

3.) Put these videos on your YouTube channel now.

4.) Add 1000 subscribers and 2000 HQ views with 70% retention to any smmpanel such as JustAnotherPanel, followiz, or smmkings. We'll receive 4000 hours of watch time with just 2000 views because the video we posted is almost three hours lengthy.

1k subscribers will cost you $10-12
4k watchtime : $2-3$

So, Total Cost = $12-$15

5.) Submit an application for monetization and wait for the channel to be reviewed by YouTube Monetization.
6.) Sell the channel for $50-$60 on any market place (google "sell YouTube channel" and you'll find a slew of marketplaces that purchase and sell YouTube channels on the first page).
7.) You can easily profit $40-50 each account sold this manner!
8.) Keep in mind that monetization is sporadic; only 1-2 out of every ten accounts I apply this way are monetized.
As a result, a monetized account may easily sell for $150-200.

- Never guarantee the channel's "future" monetization. If you do, you'll have upset customers since, as I previously stated, monetizing on YouTube with a bot is completely random!
- Choose a good marketplace, simply google "sell youtube account" or "buy youtube account," there are many on the internet with a lot of traffic, the best marketplaces to sell are Ebay & Reddit, but you can lose your ebay account so be careful - You can increase the value of the channel by uploading a lot of video, adding commentaries, and adding an intro to fetch even better prices, but it is completely up to you.

That's it. Now is the time to put this into action and generate money to invest in other strategies and guides to build a stable internet business.
Please give me a thumbs up to show your support for my work.

This Thread had not been rated yet
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