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Nulled.to [1k-10k] Amazon Store Cards

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Dec 5, 2020
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Bought an amazon store card, but the seller I bought it from is so fucking unfriendly and unhelpful that Ill just give it here, enjoy

btw I heard that leechers are fucking gay ngl

+ how the fuck does everyone here get so many likes by just posting accs etc? Like god damn

How to use
(If you're using a brand new account, wait a week from when you created the account before you add the card.)
1. Add card as A CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD in payment methods on AMAZON.COM (Use your account name and the expiration date should gray out.)
2. Browse store for 1-2h, adding/removing items from cart
3. Wait 24-48h
4. Browse for another hour
5. Make sure to add/remove stuff from cart
6. Order first item under $50
- Dont use VPN
- Stick to physical items
- Mark as gift
- Advised to stick to one item per order
7. Wait either 24h after item SHIPS out, or when u get the item to order again
8. Increase in increments of $50 each order till you reach around $500, then u can order anything
PS: Enjoy and remember that if ur acc does lock, dont stress it, its not cuz the card, its just ur order got picked up by the bot so u just gotta get another account and try again.

Btw this method will most likely not work anymore because the card got raped hard after this I guess

Edit: The title was supposed to be Store Card, not cards, my bad

This leak has been reported as still working 1 times this month (1 times in total).
This Thread had not been rated yet
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