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Nulled.to $800 PHONE FOR FREE - Google Pixel 5 SE Method - REPLY NOW!

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Dec 13, 2020
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#1. Contact google and tell them that your pixel will not power on whatsoever.
#2. They will ask you to complete some troubleshooting steps. Take some time as to now look suspicous and then tell them nothing has worked.
#3. They will ask for the serial number of the phone. Act stupid and ask where it is. They will tell you. Provide them the serial number you purchased.
#4. They will ask why your google account isn't linked to this phone. Tell them it is because this phone has some work related confidential information on it and the company you work for will not allow you to link your google account to your phone.
#5. At this point they will give you 2 options. To return the phone and get your replacement after, or to let them put a $20 hold on your credit card. Give them the vcc and let them put the hold on it.
#6. After they have done the hold and everything is looking good they will ask for your address and ship out the replacement. Use a drop/private reship to avoid bills as they will bill or if you don't care you can just use a fake name and trash the bills.

You will receive your new pixel within 1-2 weeks.
Enjoy your brand new phone!

Method was just found by me, all credits and love goes to the original creator.
This Thread had not been rated yet
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