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Nulled.to [90GB+] Game Developer Conferences - Royalty Free and Commercially Usable Sound Effects

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Dec 5, 2020
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Citizens of Nulled!

I am back, yet again, with another useful and original find!

For all of you aspiring(or already established) game developers, who are either taking courses on various avenues of development with engines like Unity and the Unreal Engine, or are just tired of looking for sound effects that are both commercially usable and available in large variety for other editing purposes, then let me guide you to a great source for them - the collected releases of all the featured, custom and 100% original sound effects used or showcased at the Game Developers Conferences( ) every year, organized by Informa, a UK-based publishing company.

Now, almost all their published effects can be found online, and are free to download. Being overshadowed by corporate and prominent game developer giants, this company has not received much spotlight, but having personally used and incorporated their material, I can say they have a very huge catalog, and a diverse collection of audio resources.

Please note that I am not in any way endorsing them, but rather promoting the usefulness of their thoughtful gestures to the development community by making their conference products open, royalty-free, and no-attribution-required license permissions public here.

Additionally, they can be used an unlimited number of times throughout your lifetime, at no extra usability charge. Still, please be respectful and if you can, do give the hardworking people behind this their due credit.

The official links, for all conference collections after 2014:

1. GDC 2015 -

2. GDC 2016 -

3. GDC 2017 -

4. GDC 2018 -

5. GDC 2019 -

Again, they're pretty useful for setting up audio effects and background noises for basically any media production.

All the finding credit and organizing credit goes to me.

So enjoy and use the share, but remember, especially leechers:

This leak has been reported as still working 3 times this month (3 times in total).
This Thread had not been rated yet
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