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Dec 5, 2020
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This plugin provides a listing of active[1] threads during a specified interval defaulting to the most recent week. In that listing are shown each thread's subject, author, and start date, along with the number of posts to it during the specified interval, and the dates and authors of the earliest and latest posts made to it during the interval. Optionally, user avatars can be displayed in the listing, for the thread starter, and for each member who posted earliest and latest during the interval.

[1] An "active" thread is simply a thread which has had at least one post made to it during the interval in question.

The listing can be sorted by any field in either descending or ascending order. It is paginated at 20 threads per page.

The interval can be specified to a fidelity of minutes up to any given date-time.

Along with the active threads listing page, this plugin adds the following interface features to MyBB:
A "View Active Threads" link in the forum's header for both anonymous viewers and logged in members to access the listing page.
The same "View Today's Posts" link for anonymous viewers that logged in members see by default in the forum's header.

Via the Admin Control Panel (ACP), it is possible to set:
The maximum allowable interval in minutes, either globally or on a per-usergroup basis. This is because longer intervals can be resource-intensive on the database, and expose your forum to DoS attacks. By default, the maximum interval is set to one week for each usergroup.
The default interval duration and sort parameters.
Whether or not to display each avatar type in the listing.

The plugin's output is based on a set of templates which can be customised.

What is this plugin useful for?

Two use cases are most likely:

Firstly, to see which threads have been most active in terms of number of posts over a given period, typically the most recent N days, where N defaults to 7.

Secondly, to view, in order from most recent to earliest, the latest post to all threads which have been posted to over a certain (configurable) period, defaulting to the most recent 7 days. This can be achieved by sorting in descending order by the final column (date of most recent post to the thread).

This Thread had not been rated yet
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