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Sinfulsite.com [AddonFlare] Paid Registrations - Full version - 1.4.5 - Removal Branding XF 2.x

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Dec 5, 2020
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Note: The Lite/Free version is available on our website, choose the "Lite" option on the product page.

How many paid subscriptions are you losing each month because your users don't know the benefits of purchasing a user upgrade? Do they even know they can upgrade?

Would it hurt to make more $$$ each month?

Introducing Paid Registrations, an absolute must-have for forums that offer paid subscriptions.

Once installed, the registration flow will go from:

  • User visits registration page

  • User fills registration form and submits

  • Registration is complete


  • User visits registration page

  • Account types are presented in an elegant way and user chooses one (screenshot)

    • If a paid user upgrade is selected

      • User is redirected to payment page

      • After payment is complete, user is redirected to registration form

    • If no upgrade is selected, user is redirected to registration form

  • Registration is complete

Lite vs. Full Version

Supported Payment Providers
Free: Only PayPal
Full : PayPal, Stripe + more (as requested)

Can force paid registrations?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Allow Gift Upgrades?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Can allow custom payment amounts?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Can enable elegant display for registered users?
Free: No
Full: Yes

Display theme options
Free: Only 1
Full: Default + more in updates

Free: Basic Support
Full: Priority Support

You have full control over which user upgrades are presented, display order, color, amount per row, etc...

It integrates with the payment profiles you already have, so setup is a breeze.

See it working live (click "register")

Feedback / reviews / ratings are always appreciated!


Additional Services: Import From PemBer

  • 3X your forum's revenue

  • Ability to require payment for registration

  • Higher membership control

  • Display and compare user upgrade perks in an elegant way

  • Gift Upgrades

  • Quick and easy setup

  • Supports length specific, permanent and recurring user upgrades

  • Custom payment amounts specified by the user

  • Integrates with existing payment profiles

  • Fully mobile responsive

  • Choose which upgrades to show/hide

  • Customizable upgrade box colors

  • Customizable display order

  • "Feature" certain user upgrades

This Thread had not been rated yet
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