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Sinfulsite.com Automatic Moderation for Reports v1.00

Content from Sinfulsite.com


Dec 5, 2020
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This plugin helps you moderate your forum by automatically looking out for suspicious users and reprimanding them when no moderators are online. The plugin works by checking how many times a certain user's post has been reported and then if necessary, dishes out the appropriate action.
The triggers which will activate an action include:
  • Post Count
  • Join Date
  • Warnings
  • Previous Reports
  • Report Count of X Content

Once multiple triggers and requirements have been met, one of the following actions will take place:
  • Moderate Posts
  • Apply Automatic Warning
  • Purge Spammer
  • Unapprove Post
  • Friendly Reminder PM

By default, actions will only take place if the reporter's account is seen to be genuine. An account is seen to be genuine if their join date is
MORE THAN or EQUAL TO 3 Days, Two Weeks or One Week, has
MORE THAN OR EQUAL TO X amount of posts and zero warnings.

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An official release from Wires.
This Thread had not been rated yet
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