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Dec 5, 2020
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About showing you my private guide to spread easily a virus. It needs a small investments but it's 100% working.

Vouched by @

The goal here is to spread a virus quickly in order to infect as many users as possible (even worldwide).

- A computer or smartphone
- Valid ID documents

- Some money (I recommend using Paypal or CC / VCC, using bitcoin is more difficult)

1.First go to if you don't live in Europe, otherwise go to step 2.
2.As trains no longer go to some cities in Italy, go to and rent a car (take the cheapest one, it's not the most important).
3. Search on the Internet for contaminated cities in Italy (You can use my Covid-19 Checker to generate your private contaminated cities combo-list)
4.Take the car you've just rented and get closer to the city you find on the step above.
Important:Stop a few kilometers from the city and then walk in order to easily bypass the border controls (don't hesitate to cross the forests) (Bonus: This also allows you to loose some fat).
5. Once in the city, repeat coughing on people and frequent them (go to a pub and talk about randoms guys about Mozarella or whatever), if you find used tissues in the garbage, make an infusion with a little vervain. I would advise you to lick everything you find in the city, including people (I would recommend licking the nose and mouth as that's how the virus is transmitted. As well licking dicks didn't work for me). Once you feel you have enough caught and licked (it usually takes 1 hour), get back to your car and drive to Austria (or further if you are not in a hurry) and go to places where there are people (I tried Frankfurt airport during the week and it worked).
6.Now cough on anything that moves, whether people or animals. Focus on people who are likely to fly to international destinations to spread it as far as possible.
At airports outside of infected cities, there are fewer checks, so you can spread the virus more easily.

Voilà! There you have it, you have successfully spread a virus around the world.

NOTE:Once you have licked Italians you have 14 days to transmit the virus without being detected by Antivirus services, after this time it is more difficult to circulate freely.

Use it at your own risk

Guys not funny

This leak has been reported as still working 4 times this month (7 times in total).
This Thread had not been rated yet
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