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Nulled.to Fastest method to make | +-~ 100$ | per day | Risky

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Dec 16, 2020
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For this fast tutorial , we will use 1k wallet. You can put as much as you want but remember not the same earnings.

1- Find a significant altcoin that already went down the last few minutes. For example, let's say it was $13 and went down to ~ $10

2- Buy it

3- put stop loss at $8 and sell limit $11 ( You can customize ofc )

4 -

Must Read :

if you are not lucky it can fell and you can lose about 200$ ( that's why you need to read about the coin first ! ) otherwise you l make an easy profit of 100$ within 30 mn

You need to be patient and don't be scared if you saw it fall to 8.99. For example, don't sell; wait for it to go up.
Don't put all your money. Remember, put what are you willing to lose.
Don't be greedy!
Please read carefully about that coin and look at it's a profitable altcoin like Dot and ADA and others or a slow altcoin!
Don't buy randomly at any time! only buy when it falls [ Buy the Dip
This Thread had not been rated yet
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