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Nulled.to [Gmod] Darkrp Economy 2

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Dec 5, 2020
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If you can't figure something out, then make a ticket. Don't add me! If any bugs or exploits are found, please notify me immediately. Supports DarkRP 2.5.X Supports DarkRP 2.4.X Bank robbing: Installation is simple, the files in the zip are relative to the garrysmod/gamemode/DarkRP directory. Then, just edit the configuration (found in gamemode/modules/economy/sh_configuration.lua) to your specifications. You also might want to disable pocketing the economy entities if you are using DarkRP's vanilla pocket. Introduction Before ScriptFodder there was CoderHire, and there I sold my original Economy script for DarkRP. I have remade the script now that CoderHire has shut down. I have added some improvements, and hopefully fixes, but overall I re-coded it all. Although, if you don't know what Economy is, it's basically an addition which allows the mayor to do economic things that will affect their citizens and officers. Changelog Spoiler 11/14/2014 - 1:52 PM Forgot to update configuration for the bank robbing settings 11/14/2014 - 11:30 PM Added category merging to loadout Removed bank and its configuration Added new bank robbery configuration Added money stacks Added shelves (stacked with money stacks) Added alarms Added LoadTime configuration 11/15/2014 - 2:30 AM Added minimum job requirements for robbing Changed entities/entities/economy_money/init.lua Added Config.RequiredRobJobs Added Config.MinimumRequired 11/16/2014 - 4:13 PM Fixed the buy perk buttons Updated gamemode/modules/economy/cl_economy.lua 11/20/2014 - 9:00 AM Fixed weird loadout bug Updated gamemode/modules/economy/sv_economy.lua Modified Config.CurrentPerks (had a default perk added for debugging I forgot to remove) 11/28/2014 - 6:51 AM Modified Config.MoneyEmpty (grammar error) Fixed some bugs with taking money and the economy crashing Updated entities/entities/economy_money/init.lua Fixed buying perks too fast crashing the economy Updated modules/economy/sv_economy.lua Made the tax sliders wider Updated modules/economy/cl_economy.lua Features Most features can be disabled and configured. Hints Occur at configurable intervals for configurable lengths Displays under/above the economy meter Opportunities Occur at configurable intervals Have several choices with several possible outcomes Choices might cost money Outcomes add money and reputation, or subtract reputation Each outcome has a random chance to occur Recall When the reputation is brought under the configurable unacceptable amount, the mayor may be recalled Doesn't say who recalled the mayor, only that they've been recalled Taxes Jobs on Government salary take money from the government's bank Will miss payday if it's too low Tax payers will have to pay a tax (decided by the mayor) from their paycheck to the government Money isn't taken from the government's bank Perks The mayor can buy these using the government's money Weapons (Primary, Secondary, ...): Enables weapons on loadout Upgrades: Enables upgrades on loadout, which can enhance speed, damage resistance, and armor Reputation: Will double positive reputation earned by the mayor Better Economy: Will double payday (without taking from the government's bank) Loadouts Specified government jobs will have a loadout menu when they spawn They can select weapons and upgrades (if the perks are present) Skins Four different VGUI skins to choose from Can be changed with the configurable command by players Can also be set by default Banks Banks can be robbed Pressing E on piles of money will begin robbing While holding E, money is taken from the bank and given to the robber Configuration Version Style Currency Load Time HUD Position HUD Height and Width Style Command Economy Manager Command Enable Economy Quick Key (F2) Mayor Team Name Unacceptable Reputation Enable Recall Hint Interval Hint Length Display "HINT:" Before Hints Hints (Table) Enable Taxes Government Salary (Table) Tax Payers (Table) Max Taxes Tax Notification Length Enable Loadouts Government Jobs (Table) Perk Notification Length Perks (Table) Weapons Loadout (Table) Minimum Reputation for Upgrades Available Upgrades Points on Loadout The Maximum Value for the Walk Speed Upgrade The Most Scale Taken from the Damage Upgrade Upgrades (Table) Current/Default Perks (Table) Opportunities Interval Opportunities Notification Expiration Opportunities Decision Expiration Opportunities Post Notification Expiration Opportunities Notification Skipped Opportunity Reputation Penalty Minimum Players for Penalty Opportunities (Table) No Rob Jobs Rob Distance Replace on Remove Auto Want Rob Frequency Rob Amount Rob Limit Bank Respawn Time

This leak has been reported as still working 5 times this month (6 times in total).
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