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Nulled.to Henblack005's Stealth Paypal and Ebay Tips

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Dec 13, 2020
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Stealth PayPal Tips
  • Do not create multiple accounts from the same IP, always switch off your router and wait a few minutes and you'll be assigned a different IP.
  • Do not login to the account always, just log in when necessary
  • Do not do large transactions on a new account, anything below $150 a time is okay. Wait till the hold limits are over for larger transactions
  • Dont Use temporary numbers to create the account!
  • You can verify any country account with your phone no if you make a business account.
  • Dont make USA accounts, SSN must be real as they might run credit checks. I Prefer either Philippines or UK
  • Dont use a credit card you have used before, buy a VCC you can get them from revoult or buy one for like $8
  • To withdraw exchange Paypal $ with local sellers or buy bitcoin and exchange to local currency
  • If account limited you can buy yourself some editable document templates and make them accordingly

How to Minimise eBay account suspensions (For new accounts)
  • Do not start selling as soon as you open the account, wait atleast a month and make sure to show some activity eg-  like browsing for products daily or atleast once per 3 days
  • Build atleast a couple of feedbacks before selling. Eg- bid on low priced products on auctions and ask for feedback from sellers
  • List your first product location as the country you live in, do not put China. Either list something no one will buy like very expensive shit product and let the listing stay for some weeks and then start dropshopping

  • Start with dropshopping and list product location as your country even tho its from China (for atleast 3 products) you'll only have to apologise to 3 customers

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This Thread had not been rated yet
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