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How to get a Codeine (Lean) recipe


Dec 13, 2020
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Well yes, I personally used this method to get DXM from the Syrup for making Fetanyl...
I can't ensure this method works... it worked for me tho so it might also work for you...

Why would you want to get Codeine?:
Codeine is a "Medicine" which contains the stimulant "Dextromethorphan" (DXM) which is an opioid (opioids can lo be extracted from opium poppy's)
I will make a tutorial soon on how to extract Dextromethortphan from those opium Poppys.
Well taken in higher doses... DXM is psychoactive/gives you the "cloudy" feeling of just feeling extremely good...
WARNING: If you take it in higher doses more often, you will get addicted. Opioids are extremely addictive so watch out!

So there's the "tutorial":
1: Make a doctors appointment say you are dying coughing (don't use that word) and that you need a quick appointment.
2: Tell them that if they don't have time right now you will drive to the hospital
Since codeine makes you feel chill/numb you gotta say you legit couldn't breathe for a few minutes because you were just coughing, in that case codeine would help
3: they will think your lungs have an infection and probs test you for lung cancer, just take all those tests... remember: you are very sick
4: they will give you some dumb ass product from the Pharma which won't contain anything... so you have to do it agaib
5: 1-2 days later call again saying it happened again
6: This is gonna go on, you will get checked on a few times again, always call again saying it happened again
7: there are some nerve sicknesses which can't directly be diagnosed which codeine helps against tho, so you will probably at some point get codeine
8 (IMPORTANT): Make sure you tell them after you got codeine it happened again 1-2 times but now it's gone (due to medical reasons)

Make sure to leave a like to get my new tutorial on how to get a XANAX recipe.
Have a good day

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This Thread had not been rated yet
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