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Dec 5, 2020
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If you get stuck on anything feel free to reply here on this thread and I will help you, just don't PM me.

This guide is for educational purpose only

No hidden content here unless mods want me to hide it. This guide is for new users that want to fix their leecher level and don't know anything about cracking.

I noticed a lot of people still asking this question on the Forum, so I wanted to make this guide and help the new members.

I will teach you how to crack accounts, which programs to use, where to get free proxies and how to get combo lists.

One of the best and easiest way to fix your leecher level is by cracking accounts and sharing them on the forum with the community.
This is very easy, and you don't need any prior knowledge.

For this you will need:

- OpenBullet or OpenBullet Anomaly
- Configs
- Proxies
- Combolists

What is OpenBullet?

OpenBullet is a webtesting suite that allows to perform requests towards a target webapp and offers a lot of tools to work with the results. This software can be used for scraping and parsing data, automated pentesting, unit testing through selenium and much more.

What is config?

Don't bother understanding what are config files if you are just starting out. All you need to know is that's it's a simple file that will tell OpenBullet what website you want to crack.
Later on when you get more comfortable with cracking accounts, you can look into how to make your own configs, for now, I will just tell you where to download them and how to use them.

What are proxies and why do you need them for cracking?

Think of it like this, let's say you are trying to crack a website without proxies. OpenBullet will send tons of requests to the website, trying to login with combo lines you have. Eventually, website will notice that there is huge amount request coming from your IP address and your IP will get banned, therefore you will not be able to continue cracking that website.

For this reason, we use proxies. Once you load proxies into OpenBullet every request to the website will be sent with different proxy (different IP addresses) so you will avoid getting your IP banned.

There are HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies, but they all basically do the same thing, so don't let this confuse you.

HTTPS are very fast proxies but they are less anonymous, SOCKS4 proxies give your more anonymity, and SOCKS5 proxies are the best. If you want to know more about this you can just Google it, I won't go into detail here.

We will mostly use SOCKS4 proxies or HTTPS, because without paying for a premium proxy service you won't be able to get a lot of SOCKS5 proxies for free.

What are combolists?

Combolist (Wordlist) is a text file with thousands of lines with usernames and passwords or email and passwords, here is one example

We will be using this in order to check if any of the lines from your combolist have a registered account on the website you are cracking.

There are different types of combos, for example user:password and email:password combos.

When you are cracking a website you first want to check on their login page if they require email or username to login, and according to that you will know which combolist you need to use.
Some websites allow login with both email and username which means you can use any combolist.

Ok so now, let's download everything you will be needing to start cracking and get your first hit.

1. OpenBullet Anomaly

After you open the link click on the button that says Clone or download than click on Download ZIP

Extract downloaded file and open Anomaly Updater.exe

This will download and install OpenBullet for you
Open Openbullet.exe and click on update to make sure you have the latest version and launch the program after that to make sure it works.

2. Now we need configs

First thing you need to do is extract the folder called

After you do this your folder should look like this

Now, there are already a few pre-installed configs but you want to add configs for the websites you want to crack.

Go here and find what you need

You can also download something like this
There are over 2k configs here but you should know that most configs in this pack will be just duplicates or not working so it's better to just download updated configs you need from

Ok so once you downloaded configs you need or config pack, extract them and put them all in "Configs" folder, make sure you don't just copy paste the whole folder, only paste .anom .loli or .lolix files

Next thing we need to do is download combolists
Go here then choose and download a combolist that you want

Don't forget that some websites require user:pass combos and some require email:pass, make sure you are downloading the correct one you need.

If you can't reply in comoblist section yet, I will provide here a direct download link to some combolists that you can use for testing

Now that you have combolist all you need is proxies and we can start cracking.

One of the easiest way to get free working proxies is on
Go on their website and download either HTTP Proxies or Socks4 Proxies

In most cases I recommend Socks4 proxies and for the sake of this guide just download Socks4

What you should know is that proxy servers die very often so you need to get a new fresh proxies at least once per day, recommended more.
Don't just download a proxy list and use it for weeks because most of them won't work anymore and you won't be able to crack anything.
Just bookmark proxyscrape site and whenever you are about to start cracking something download a fresh list.

So now that we have everything it's time to start cracking

Launch OpenBullet.exe

Now we want to import combolists that we downloaded earlier, to do this click on Wordlists tab then drag your combos and drop them into the empty box or click on Add button and locate your combos.

Once you did that, click on Proxies tab, from there click on Import, see where it says location and on the right side there will be a folder icon, click there and select your proxy list that you downloaded earlier from proxyscrape, and once you did that very important where it says Type select the type of proxies you downloaded, in our case it's Socks4.
Click on Accept and that's the whole process, we imported proxies

Note: Once you used these proxies for some times and you want to add a new fresh list, first go in Proxies tab again and click on Delete All and repeat the process of adding new proxies.

Now for the last step, it's time to choose the config we want and start cracking.

Click on the first tab called Runner

Click on New and a new box will appear bellow

In the new box first click on Config and select the config that you want

Next, click on Wordlist and select the combolist that you want to use, (if combos don't show up it means you did something wrong when importing combolists in Wordlists tab)

Now for the Bots always check if uploader of the config stated what are the recommended threads for that config. If they didn't state that then you should put about 50-300 Bots (threads), I usually put around 150.

Now click on Proxies and set them to On, unless you downloaded a config that is Proxyless, if that is that case then set Proxies to Off.
Most configs require Proxies, but some work proxyless, like most of the Spotify configs, when you are downloading always check if uploader stated how their config works. If they didn't say anything then in 99% it requires proxies and you should put them to on.
After you did all this just click on Start and wait to get hits (working accounts)

You can later go on Hits DB and review all hits that you got.

How to know if config is not working?

Click on Status while the checker is running and check the stats in the down right corner.

If you only get Retries number and Bad or Hits stay at 0, it means that either Config is not working or Website you are cracking requires paid HQ proxies

Once you get hits go in this section and share your accounts.
Use to store your accounts and make sure that you hide your link when creating a thread, you can simply highlight your link and click on the icon above that says (TB) Hide Content

Most important: Never ask for likes on your threads in any way, not only that it's against the Forum rules but also this wont get you more likes, it will only trigger some users and make them dislike you.

Once your account start growing you will get access to the auth key here and you will be able to use some awesome tools that you can get only here on

This leak has been reported as still working 11 times this month (11 times in total).
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