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Nulled.to [HQ+ E-Book] Smart blackmail method for 2021 | Huge revenues MONTHLY

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Dec 16, 2020
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I just found that method in my computer as .txt
It seems very interesting, who's curious and has time should try.
I think some important persons could pay more than method says.

Many people has a camera upload folder where it auto syncs with their MEGA accounts.
First of all, you will need a private email address, Skype (I use Protonmail)
Now, let's get to business. You will need combo lists. Either use already checked MEGA accounts.

First, you will go through these accounts. Please note that this process will take time and could be a headache.
Secondly, you will download the private photos orand videos, What I did is, create a folder with all their damning imagesvideos and set the folder name to their email (For you to remember who you dealing with)
Now you will check if the email is related to a Skype, if not just send them an email with the photo or video and say that you have many more.
If it's a dick pic, I usually just email them the photo and say Hey big boy
Now you can tell them that you will change their profile image with this dick pick or whatever you have.. Would your friends like to see

Now obviously most people don't want their dicks on Facebook or Twitter. But for a 10 XMR or 0.1 BTC you wiill generate a link for them that unlocks their files and they can delete it forever.

Or you can just say that you wont post it. Tick tock motherfucker.

When saying $100 average, its taken on 16 days. Some days was $0 some days was $300. It really depends how much you want to charge!
This Thread had not been rated yet
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