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Nulled.to [PAID LEAK] How to get RTX 2080 TI for free | GET THE METHOD NOW!

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Dec 13, 2020
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Don't reply with something stupid just to get the method.

Show some love, be sweet.

Leechers get reported & banned!

The prepare:
- Go to nvidia.com and buy the GPU you want. I bought an RTX 2080 Super
- Pay with Paypal (this is important)
- Wait for the item to arrive
- When it arrives, weight the box on a scale before opening! Write down how many grams the package weighs.
The ignition:
- Without contacting Nvidia go straight to Paypal and issue a Paypal Claim
- Paypal will ask what is wrong with the product, type this in (feel free to twist it a bit):
Hi, I saved for a long time to buy this graphic card. I was so happy when it arrived. Unfortunately after insterting it into my computer, nothing happens. The PC does not detect it at all. I tried to update my drivers and firmware, but the hardware is still not detected by my computer. I even tried in my brother's computer and results were the same. I don't know what to do and I feel cheated.
- Paypal will give Nvidia time to respond to this claim. This can take between 24 hrs to 7 days.
- Nvidia will simply say: "Let the customer return the package to this address, and we will refund! ...blablabla "

The real work:
(if you know how FTID works, do FTID and ignore this part)
- Ok, buy 2 packages of salt or sugar. Remove the card from the box and put the empty box on a weigh scale.
- Keep pouring sugar inside the box until the initial weight matches exactly!
- Tape the box shut, perhaps add some newspaper so the salt/sugar does not shake violently inside and make noise. (you can also pour it into a condom and put the condom in lol)
- Go to the post office and send the box to the given address. VERY IMPORTANT: Send it as a mandatory 'signed' package.
- Send the tracking link in the PayPal Claim page so PayPal can also track the shipment

The result:
- Once the package arrives there, and they sign for it, you are set.
- Even if they say to PayPal the package came empty, the buyer protection will have to cover you as a buyer over the seller.
- Simply say "This is impossible, I definitely put everything inside it. What purpose do I have for a dead graphics card?" (usually they won't even ask or say anything)
- There are 2 ways how this can go further:
1.) Nvidia will try to fight it, but you would win anyway because of buyer protection and sticking to your story. PayPal will automatically refund you.
2.) Nvidia won't ask any questions as they know this is a lost cause and will issue the refund.

Have fun with your new gaming GPU!

- found the method on a Discord Server, tested it out and it is working. All credits to the original creator.
This Thread had not been rated yet
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