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Sinfulsite.com Security - Ubuntu [LINUX] and others.

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Dec 5, 2020
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So here are some tips for securing your website if you're on Ubuntu [Linux] -

- Never log in as 'root' user.
- Disallow root login through settings.
- Create an account with a secure password and grant it sudo privileges.
- Do not share sudo privileges.
- Do not use FTP, use SFTP.

If you are on ANY system and using MySQL, be sure to prepare your statements and properly bind parameters.

What I mean by this is to secure yourself from something called SQL INJECTION.

To test your site if it is vulnerable for SQL INJECTION, put a single quotation ' at the end of your URL.

To prepare statements, simply put ->prepare instead of ->query before your statement and use bindParam.

Ex of above: WRONG -

$con->query("SELECT * FROM cats WHERE id=:id"); RIGHT: $con->prepare("SELECT * FROM cats WHERE id=:id");

To bindParam, never use php variables in statements as they are a direct injection vulnerability, but use words with semicolons before them.

For the sake of an example, we will pretend that $id is the $_GET['id'].
So in php it would look like this:

$id = $_GET['id']

An example of an incorrect statement is -

query = $con->prepare("SELECT * FROM cats WHERE id = $id");

An example of a correct statement is -

$query = $con->prepare("SELECT * FROM cats WHERE id = :id");

Thank you for viewing, This is how you secure SQL on your site, I hope you gain some intelligence, xD.
This Thread had not been rated yet
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