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Nulled.to Steal LOTS of files (not sure if it works)

Content from Nulled.to


Dec 5, 2020
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So what you need is:
- A RAT (needs to be fast)
- A software that makes files size bigger
- Discord
- Coding skills (not sure if basic or advanced) (OPTIONAL)

So now what you need is to find ROBLOX exploits servers. There you can find people that most of them have they're antivirus off.
Now you have to randomly choose persons (not high ranks, random members) and then tell him that you with your friend made a roblox exploit (ye crap and more crap) but you will need to make a screenshot to something in visual studio 2017. Having a text box where you can write, a execute button and a attach/inject button. Tell them you made your own API that is Full Lua, Lua C is level 7 and has loadstrings.
Kind of complicated for people that only stay on this site and don't play this crap game
And show them a screenshot of the "executor" you made in visual studio 2017. After that make a RAT client. After you made it, make the file like 3MB. After that send it to him. Then boom

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This Thread had not been rated yet
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