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Nulled.to Summoner Factory - Level 30 Bot / Ip Farm

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Dec 5, 2020
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Summoner Factory - Level 30 bot / IP farm
(free to level 10)

Quick guide

Follow this quick guide if you are an experienced user and want to setup the bot as fast as possible. If you are not an experienced user, please continue with the tutorial below.

SummonerFactory is a fully automated level bot for League of Legends. It is based on pixel detection and emulates keyboard and mouse to play the game. You can run one bot per computer or multiple bots using virtual machines or multiple computers.
SummonerFactory Screenshots


Fully automated leveling

Just install and start the bot. No complicated setup needed. Level referrals for free until level 10. Subscribe to level up to level 30.


Automatically matches bots together to play custom and coop games without ruining real player gaming experience. Can match either your own bots only or together with bots of other users (botexchange).


Manage all your accounts online and check how your accounts are leveling up, even with multiple computers.

Wins games

Plays each champion individually with items, spells and behavior and wins most of the games (custom and coop beginner on Summoners Rift).

Advanced configuration

Allows you to reach a specific level or IP amount, set play and sleep schedules for each account and purchase XP boosts at individual levels.

Safety first

Does not use injection, memory writing or other detectable hacking technologies. Only sees what you see and plays with mouse and keyboard like a human player (thus only one bot per computer).

Download & Registration

Download and register at
or download the bot in the attachment.

Test Mode

Before starting the bot normally, use the test mode to make sure everything is properly set up and working.

This test mode allows your bot to enter a custom game alone with one single bot in the opposing team to test if everything works properly before joining other games and get leaver busted etc. You can easily leave those custom games by pressing END to exit the bot and dont need to worry about starting the bot.

VMWare Image & Tutorial (by hipsterhunter)

Originally Posted by hipsterhunter

Virtual Machine Download:

Some had a problem with there VM Version, download
this version what i have uploaded, this vm wokstation work well
with the new vm.

VMWare Workstation:

Here i also a Tutorial Video, lost of asked what they
have to do after download.

Video Tutorial:

Although I had announced the new VM ,
but I waited until I know changes
have appeared in the patch.

The VM I have for a long time running ,
with a setting of 512 MB RAM . the VM work well .


Please do not PM me since i don't check/reply PM often. Use email .

Virus check


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