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Nulled.to Trick to Activate Adobe CC 2018 (including Adobe XD)

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Dec 5, 2020
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I’m using Windows 10 x64 so some stuff may vary for Mac users but I’ll try my best to make this guide helpful to all users!

  • Go to Adobe’s website and download Adobe CC Desktop App !
  • If you have an Adobe ID, then sign in. If not, then create one and then sign in.
  • Click on the “Try†or “Start Trial†button for whatever Adobe application you want i.e Photoshop or Illustrator or After Effects etc. You’ll get a notification saying your trial has started.
  • Download the AMT Emulator Patch. You can Google “AMTemu v0.9.2 patch download†- download from the result linking to a reddit thread (that’s where I got mine from). The file must be named something like: “AMTEmu v0.9.2 by Painterâ€
  • I’d suggest you to switch off your Wi-Fi/Internet at this point.
  • Double Click on the AMTemu Patch and it’ll show you a dialog box like !
  • It doesn’t have a patch/option for Adobe CC 2018 applications yet, but this is what you need to work around.
  • You need change some values in the boxes that I highlighted in red/are numbered. !
  • I’ve made a list for Windows/Mac Users for the changes they need to make. You can find it at the end of this post and copy/paste it in your patch.
  • When you’re done with the changes, click on the “Install†button

I suggest finding the amtlib.dll file BEFOREHAND and then clicking on Install
  • ** IMPORTANT STEP!! Follow Carefully ** A New Dialog box will appear and ask you to locate the amtlib.dll file for the application you’re trying to download. This file is located in the Install Directory, so that’s where you must go. I have my System Drive as C Drive (your directory may be different), so my install directory is something like this: C:\Program Files\Adobe - !
  • Click on the Application folder you want to download, say Photoshop CC 2018 and locate the “amtlib.dll†file, select it and click on “Openâ€.

Your Adobe Application is patched.
  • Un-install the Adobe CC Desktop App from your device. It’s of no use now. Follow the steps on how to un-install it !
  • IF YOU DID NOT FIND your desired Application folder in the Install directory like the path I mentioned above i.e > C:\Program Files\Adobe..

This is because some Adobe applications are UWP-based meaning they behave as Windows Store Apps for some reason. This was the case for me when I tried to install Adobe XD (Experience Design). I do not know if Mac users face this issue as well or not.
  • The application folder these types of Adobe application are in a hidden folder called “WindowsApps†that’s located in C:\Program Files\
  • To unhide WindowsApps and locate the Adobe application folder, follow the steps mentioned
  • Once you’ve followed all the steps to the post above, you must locate the Adobe application folder in WindowsApps

EG: I was looking for Adobe XD so it had a really long and odd folder name like: “Adobe.CC.XD1.0.12.19_x64_adky2gkssdxteâ€
  • Now that you’ve located the Install directory, you must repeat same steps mentioned above. Do Step 5 to Step 12 and your application will be patched.

Here’s a list of some of the possible changes you might need to make for 2018 patch. FOR WINDOWS

Application Name: Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Photoshop-19-Win-GM
Version: 19.0.0

Application Name: Adobe Illustrator CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Illustrator-22-Win-GM
Version: 22.0.0

XD (Experience Design)
Application Name: Adobe XD CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}XD-1-Win-GM
Version: 1.0.0

After Effects
Application Name: Adobe After Effects CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}AfterEffects-15-Win-GM
Version: 15.0.0
NOTE: For After Effects change this value in painter.ini located in the folder where the amtlib.dll file is located. Version=10 (you need to change from numer 9 to 10) and save it.

Application Name: Adobe Animate CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Animate-18-Win-GM
Version: 18.0.0

Application Name: Adobe Audition CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Audition-11-Win-GM
Version: 11.0.0

Character Animator
Application Name: Adobe Character Animator CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}CharacterAnimator-1-Win-GM
Version: 1.1.0

Application Name: Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}Dreamweaver-18-Win-GM
Version: 18.0.0

Application Name: Adobe InDesign CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}CharacterAnimator-13-Win-GM
Version: 13.0.0

Application Name: Adobe Muse CC 2018
Application LEID: --- I do not know the LEID of Muse ---
Version: 2018.0.0

Premier Pro
Application Name: Adobe Premier Pro CC 2018
Application LEID: V7{}PremierPro-12-Win-GM
Version: 12.0.0

Lightroom I’m sorry I can’t figure out the changes for Lightroom. If someone knows how to do it, they can mention it in the comments.

* > To shorten this guide, I will not include the whole list for Mac. * > All the things remain the same for Mac, EXCEPT you must change the “Win†in Application LEID to Mac Eg: Change V7{}PremierPro-12-Win-GM

To V7{}PremierPro-12-Mac-GM

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