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Nulled.to Trove: How To Get Fishing Pointers.

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Dec 5, 2020
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This is my first tutorial I've ever made so It may be bad, so if you are confused send me a message and I'll help you out as soon as I can.

I'll try to update it and fresh'n it up to make it look better.

Hello friends, I am going to show you the way I do to find fishing pointers so you don't have to wait.

so lets get started.

Programs you will need:

-Trove (dur)
-Cheat Engine


Step 1:

Make a folder on your desktop and name it what ever you can remember (Ex: Trove)

Sign into trove and find a source (Water/Lava/Chocolate)

Step 2:

Start Cheat Engine and find the Process Trove

Step 3:

Put trove into window mode ~560x394 this will help you out in the future.

now here is where it gets interesting (not really

Don't throw your lure in one of the 3 sources yet, but if you did it will set a check list,

1= Instance Ready (bobbing)
0= Instance On Standby (not bobbing)

so now you want to open Cheat engine

now set up Trove and Cheat engine like this, and position that you can see your cast lure (use B to have inventory out while able to move your mouse).

now you can throw your lure in to any of the 3 sources while it's fishing (before bob) move to Cheat Engine and have a 1 ready in the Scan
As soon as your rod bobs Press Scan: This will give you addresses for the current instances.

As you can see there are about 1.9m Instances, now to trim those down. As soon as your rod is done bobbing, put 0 where you had the 1 and hit next scan doing this will reduce the number drastically.At this point you want to spam next scan until you are ~50-300 instances. If you have more it's ok, that is why we throw another lure in.

have 1 on stand-by while you wait for the lure to bob once it does press next scan
when it stops put 0 and press next scan do this multiple times and eventually you will get 1 Instance.

As you can see it says Value=0 (not bobbing) and Previous =1 (when it was bobbing)
to make sure that last one is the Address for the source fish it again, if it changes to 1 while it is bobbing you get the right one, if not restart from a New Scan.

Step 4:

Now that you have the one of the 3 source Addresses now lets turn that into a Pointer (there is never just one)

now double click the address you aquired and move it into the Memory below, with that below right click and select "Pointer scan for this address"

doing this will prompt you with mumbojumbo, just copy what I have (Minus the highlighted Address since that will be changing) and press OK.

save it to the Trove folder that you made

Wait for the scan to be completed and you will end up with this.

300million mumbojumbo for you to filter through, JUST KIDDING.

now the tedious part

Step 5:

Close Trove and Cheat engine and do it all again

this will give a cross reference to find the actuall pointers for the source you are looking for.

when you find the Instance again open the pointer scan again but DON'T PRESS OK

instead close it an move to the blank scan and press File Open.

now open the file you just saved in the folder you made (for the source you are doing)

it will look like this (with the old address pointers)
with that select pointer scanner and rescan memory with the new address you got when you went through it again in my case it was "0C5A8F50" and now press OK and save in the folder you made but put a 2, EXAMPLE: Choco 2

then wait for it to scan through all 300m or so address pointers.

at this point, all pointers indicated below will work for all Sources Lava/Water/Chocolate so pick your favorite and add it to your favorite fishing bot .ini config file.

Good luck and get to cracking.

Edited by teheboom, 19 September 2015 - 04:23 AM.
This Thread had not been rated yet
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