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Nulled.to [Tutorial] Home IP Camera Hacking

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Dec 5, 2020
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In order to find unsecured cam links, go to (This is the backbones, others find IP cameras other ways by writing scripts, etc. This is the website I use and will always use)

The query to enter in the search field begins with "netwave ip camera". This will give you five pages of search results in reverse date order. I highly recommend signing up for a free account, which will give you more results and will also give you search filters to play with so you can search by city, country and even find cams near you. (Common filters are City:"CITYNAME" Country:"US")

You'll need uGet download manager (you can download it for windows ) and Notepad++ (you can find it ).

Once you find an IP camera you'd like to hack, in the URL bar at the end of the IP address and port enter "//proc/kcore" (EX: )

If a wall of text starts to fill your browser stop the process, this means the camera CAN be hacked but without stopping the browser, the text will overload and crash the tab.

//proc/kcore causes an exploit in the camera to leak it's memory or something like that, idk.

If you don't get a wall of text but instead you receives an error with a red background, make sure there's nothing in front of the port (index.php, etc). If there's not, it means the camera was upgraded with new firmware and the exploit won't work. Most netwave cameras are sold with the firmware that can be exploited though.

Copy that whole address including the //proc/kcore and paste it as a new download in uGet. This will download it as a file.

Once the download reaches between 4 and 5MB press pause. You only need this first part of the file and it will never complete if left to download the full 16MB. (rule of thumb: If your download speeds are lower than 25KiB/s, theres a high chance it won't download to 4mb, try some cams closer to you).

Now that it reached 4MB+, you'll have kcore file. Open it in Notepad++. Don't be alarmed if notepad freezes, let it load everything. It may also freeze while searching. Don't stress it out, let it do it's thing.
Click Search, Find, and search for one of the following:
The device name (as seen in the browser header)
(Sometimes searching for "admin" will work to)

There will be multiple results but one will have the login displayed next to it so keep looking through. (usually around the 3rd or 4th search for me)
You'll know when you've found it. The username a lot of times is default as admin.
Bingo, you should have gained access.

Remember, always VPN up.

In order to wipe your IP from the device log, so no one knows you've gained entry you'll need to manually reboot the camera within it's settings and make sure you've closed the connection before the device reboots. If you're trolling someone and they yank the cord from the wall, that will not wipe your IP. It will stay logged until the user plugs the camera back in and you're able to reboot it.

Picture Guide:

This leak has not been classified yet. Please be careful when downloading.

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