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Dec 5, 2020
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Today's tools list is a bunch of exploits I collected over the months UAC Exploits. Basically they are meant to bypass UAC User Account Control or in other terms admin privileges in windows. Now there is a mix is VBS bat reg and exe files. I will leave reverse.it scan results for the exe files the rest will be virus-total if you dont trust them simply right clikc edit with notepad and view the code there to see if it does anything bad. vbs files take advantage of the windows script host in windows 7. 10 Im not sure if it will work you guys can try. The cmd bat files witch should be a few just unlocks cmd if its locked. The L3 world is just a Exploit in one unlocks cmd runs it as admin even with user privileges and the disable UAC will do the same thing as the vbs I believe. NOTE NOTE NOTE If you do disable uac on your machine and want it back do (WindowsKey) hold it press {R} type Msconfig click enter go to tools most likely be the second option select it Change UAC Settings turn the nothch back up to default or the max it will fix the uac bypass. NOTE NOTE NOTE IF YOU DISABLE UAC WITH THE VBS FILE REG (reg needs admin privileges since it edits the registry) or using L3World It may make some applications act weird as in SOME APPLICATIONS NEEEED UAC they need that prompt to say yes or no to run without it some SOME applications may ask for it. 888 vbs is simple I extracted it from 888 rat they dump there shit in the temp folder xD. Sooo there UAC Exploit on there site renders usless UNLESS YOU NEEEEED the uac virus wich is useless the cmd is the l3world and the disable uac is the vbs file that came with the rat that also has been cracked. The 888 uac tool I cant find a leak or crack for it.
I know someone on this forum already leaked l3world UAC Bypasser but since it fits the categorize it will be included in the folder.
Credits: L3World the creator

Lastly: the other ones I found on github or levl23hacktools the ones with anime in the pfp are ones it didn't work for me or I may just be using them wrong
Also im not responsible for what you do with this at school work library etc not my fault YOURS
Maybe not run in sandbox as well im not sure sandbox and UAC Exploit goes well but go ahead and try
last problems when I tried the exploits on my old shitty laptop they would not work no matter what I do drag and drop files it kept and kept asking for admin no matter WHAT if that happens sorry but its something with your system some system settings or security solutions but again worked for my pc and school

Please be careful of that the scan gets me on the edge but it seems good the file seems clean just run it in sandbox or not ... its shitty tool either way Akagi32.exe

---------------SCREENSHOTS OF THE PROGRAM-------------------------- (JUST L3World Exploit rest no because there lame or just dont work I dont recommend to use the other exe files there boring) the other one is proof one of them cant be scanned ) ----------------------LINKS----------------------------------------- (ALL RAR PASSWORDS ARE: ObbedMan115112) DBREE
Zippyshare DOWN FOR ME rghost
files.fm taking way to long to upload files may not work FileDropper
--------------------------------EXTRA------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WinRaR to extract files ---------------------SCANS------------------------------------------------------- L3World UAC Exploit VirusTotal: (False Positives) Reverse.it: (See nothing suspicious just a URL in memory witch is the website www.l3.world) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Akagi32.exe - Akagi64.exe VirusTotal: 32 64 (Some are false positives and sone say UAC something uac exploit) Reverse.it 32 (yea only thing that is creepy or weird the injection into explorer.exe and Persistanceit can be messing with system to UAC Exploit but also Ips found wich have no value ot them the first one is not a ip second is a weird domain that I believe is not active but not enough proof its a backdoor but I still dont use it since its shitty) 64 Reverse.it would not scan it since its a 64 bit file and 64 bit os cost money and as always RUN YOUR FILES IN SANDBOX OR A VM
Edited by ObbedCode, 27 November 2017 - 11:57 PM.
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