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Cracked.to UHQ Simple/Basic Free Amazon Items/Refund Guide

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Dec 13, 2020
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Pretty basic method, but it works and is quite useful!

Hidden Content 1. Order any item you want off Amazon. [Make sure that it is not too expensive as Amazon wont just issue out refunds on store credit so easily]

2. Make sure that you use a pre-paid card. I'm not sure if you can get away with using a regular card.

3. Cancel your item when the purchase is settled and about ready to head out for shipping

4. Wait around one - two days before contacting Amazon support using the Live Chat system above saying that you were never issued a refund on your product.

5. They may ask you if they can send the refund ticket to your email [WHICH YOU WANT] and then you can end that chat system with them. [Also tell them you used a pre-paid card]

6. Next, open a completely new chat system and talk with the new Amazon employee and send them your refund ticket number.

7. Tell them that you were unable to get a refund from the company and had previously talked with another employee. [Tell them you used a pre-paid card]

8. The employee will then ask you a bit more details about your refund, the may ask you to check your Amazon account and that it will be refunded in 10 business days however this is not true.

9. Become repetitive and after a while the employee will give in and hopefully issue you a refund out to your account. This may take a while but your money will be refunded onto your card and you would have Social Engineered Amazon.


- If they say wait 10 business days tell them this problem has happened before with a [family member, friend, etc] and they had not been refunded.
They will try as hard as possible to not refund you but make it aggressive and bam. You're done! Your cancelled item should refund to your card instead of to your Amazon account and you the Employee at Amazon should have refunded
you all of your money


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