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Dec 13, 2020
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Be sweet and reply with something cute

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Step 1:
Go to a local physical VAPE store and buy the mod you want. Ask them to gift wrap it if possible (say it's a birthday gift to your insanely addicted vape friend)

Step 2:
Go home and unpack the mod without damaging the box.

Step 3:
Make pictures of:
- the physical receipt
- the mod itself on your table (for best results, if you own an existing mod, put your tank with visible fluid on it for the pic)
- the SN numbers

Step 4: (IMPORTANT part)
- make a video about how it won't turn on. Simply hold the mod and act as like you are pressing the on button but don't actually apply pressure, try also different button combinations like you are a retard with a keyboard
- make sure to also show how you put batteries inside the mod in the video
- Advanced: if you need to be prepared for every scenario film how you put the charger in the outlet and then how you insert the cord into the vape to show it's not even loading (have a friend pull it out of the outlet (out of focus))

Step 5:
Return to the store and say your friend's mom already bought it for him and you need to return it. Make sure box and everything included is there, also DON'T SCRATCH the silver scratch boxes. (some boxes have those)
Get your money back. To make the store emplyee feel better, buy a god damn bottle of e-liquid at least so you don't seem like a sketchy refunder.

Step 6:
Wait.. this is the hard part of this SE. Depending on your physical store policy, wait as long as you need. At my store the warranty is 3 months, after this you need to contact the manufacturer in case of issues.

Step 7:
Ok you waited as long as needed, now it's time to SE.
1. contact the manufacturer and act like a normal human, not some VAPE-GURU
2. don't throw everything at them at once (I mean all pics/videos/info)
3. send them an email say you got this mod and it suddenly stopped working, you tried different batteries blablabla but won't turn on, send only a copy of your receipt + picture of mod on the table
4. they will come back at you with some standardized questions like: can you provide proof of purchase with visible DATE on the receipt, pictures of video of the problem
5. if they ask for SN + pictures of scratch code, say to them you threw away the box not knowing it was important. Say you have the SN written down because the Instore employee told you this is important when you bought it. then send the SN in text

Step 8:
Wait again, they will take a couple of days to review your case. In my situation 2/2 times approved, and they sent a replacement.
They never call up stores outside of their own country to verify everything. The replacement comes from Asia, usually China... It can take a while.
This Thread had not been rated yet
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